Travel is intoxicating to the senses. While it opens our mind to the unfamiliar, transportation exposes us to hundreds, perhaps millions of germs. Yes, those icky little organisms that cause coughs and sniffles and sometimes, even more, are everywhere. On planes, trains, automobiles and also all the handrails that we touch going up and down escalators or moving sidewalks. While we can’t make gross germs disappear, we can protect ourselves from them. For the germaphobes out there, here is SAM’s roundup of travel tips to help protect against and destroy germs before they make you sick.

Don’t eat the fruit.

This may come as a surprise to all, but the fruit trays behind the bar containing the goods for your favorite cocktails are filled with bacteria and germs. Next time you are in airport lounges, bars, or restaurants traveling, reconsider the fruit in your drink.

Wipe it down. 

Airplane trays and seats are filled with germs. Some travelers find it hand to travel with to-go packages of sanitizing wipes. It can be smart to wipe your tray down before using it. It is also good to wipe down your smartphone before and after travel. And watch out for those seat pockets, how often do you think they are cleaned?

Keep your hands clean.

Washing your hands is key to the spread of germs. Some use hand sanitizer, yet you need to be cautious here. Many sanitizers strip your skin of protective “good” bacteria that help fight the germs, so you could be exposing yourself more and creating a higher risk of getting something — our recommended cleansing agent.

Where you lay your head matters.

Where we lay our head to rest is important. The eyes, nose, and mouth are hi-speed portals for germs to get in to attack. Stay one step ahead by traveling with a self-sanitizing pillowcase. Whether you cover your hotel bed pillow or your own while traveling, you will help keep germs at bay — our recommended pillowcase.

No shoes. No Bathroom.

We know travel can be exhausting, and often lengthy, long hours. When using any public restroom, keep your shoes on. There are many times people will get up and walk around on planes and visit the bathroom in socks. Not wearing shoes in the airplane or train bathroom is an absolute no! Keep your shoes on. And grab a paper towel to close the toilet lid before flushing.

Pre-game with Emergen-C.

A week before your travel plans, start adding Emergen-c into your daily routine. The boost of Vitamin C can help build up your immune antibodies. And while you are traveling, use a packet every morning with a glass of water. Hydration plus Vitamin C will only help you stay healthy.