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8 Wellness Trends For 2019

When 650 wellness experts from 50 nations gather to debate the future of wellness, a uniquely informed and global view of trends unfolds. That’s what transpired at the recent Global Wellness Summit (GWS), which brought together leaders from the medical, travel, spa, beauty, fitness, nutrition, technology, financial and architecture worlds to debate where wellness is

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20/20/20 Rule To Live By At Work

Stay Heart Healthy and Prevent Muscle Cramps At Work Is it just us, or does life seem to get busier each year? Perhaps it is because we are growing older, or maybe it is because their is more demand than ever for our attention. And this is no different in the workplace. More tasks are

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Meet The Smart Device Challenging Your Sleep & Wellness Connection

ŌURA, the world’s first ring-size wellness computer Sleep. A crucial constant needed for our overall health. Without it, we suffer, both physically and mentally. Investing in the idea that sleep patterns can guide our daily performance is the latest in wearable health technology, ŌURA. Grouped in the category with fitbit or Apple Watch Health, ŌURA

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