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Announcing Launch of Indulgent Hemp Skincare Line

US-based Elixinol (OTC: ELLXF)  announces the distribution of its first globally available, all-natural, hemp-based skin care and hair care line, Sativa. The 8 hemp-based products include cleansers, moisturizers, serums, shampoo, conditioner, lip balm, and aluminum free deodorant. The 100% plant-based formulation makes Sativa stand out from other hemp skin care and hair products.  While many

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Another Thing To Blame Your Parents For: Wrinkles

How to Nourish Aging Skin and Wrinkles Did you know that at the age of 20, your skin starts producing 1% less collagen each year? Aging is inevitable. Of course, there are medical spas, stem cell treatments, and plastic surgeries that many seek to alter the appearance of aging skin, even turning to botox. While

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Skincare Is At Forefront Of The Beauty Industry’s Sales

Skincare grows the fastest and contributes most dollars gained, for the first time in four years The U.S. prestige beauty industry reached $17.7 billion in 2017, a 6 percent increase over 2016*, according to global information company The NPD Group. At the forefront, the skincare category grew its sales by 9 percent and contributed 45 percent

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Cancer And Your Skin

What You Need To Know To Protect Your Skin From Cancer or Treatment. One of the most common complaints among cancer patients is damaged skin. With radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and other cancer treatments, side effects that affect the skin are the most worrisome. When someone is experiencing cancer of any type, the immune system is

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Do You Really Need pH-Balanced Skin Care Products?

What you need to know about pH It’s common to see the words “pH-balanced” on the packaging for personal care and skin care products. Yet, do you know why pH-balanced skin care products are good for you? More importantly, should you even care? We believe you should – and here’s why: A Brief Explanation of the pH

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