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5 Things To Know About 2018-2019 Winter’s Flu

Flu season officially ended at the beginning of April 2019, what we learned. For six months beginning October 2018, there were over 18 million flu-related outpatient medical visits in the United States and Puerto Rico. This winter's flu was not as deadly as last season, which could be credited to more awareness, vaccinations, and preparations.

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Preparing For Flu Season

Resolutions Are Not The Only Thing We Need To Be Worried About No, it is not raining flu, but the season is approaching it’s peak time. While many begin vaccinating for influenza in October, its worst outbreak is typically in the brisk, cold winter months. The airborne virus is not a circumstance of the falling

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Time For Your 2018-2019 Flu Shot

CDC Recommends Getting Flu Shot by October 31, 2018 Flu season is almost upon us, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States has issued a recommendation for all persons aged greater than six months who do not have contraindications. What you need to know about this year's vaccine: The vaccine has

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Common College Illnesses To Discuss With Your Student

Protecting Against Campus Infections and Viruses High school graduation is over, and your adult age child is ready for college. The summer will go by fast while prepping for dorm or off-campus living. While your child is ready to spread their wings, having some real-world conversations about their health is important. Without having mom or

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