Revitol, a leading product to help with the effects of Stretch Marks, receives the highest rating available from recently gave their top rating to Revitol, a leader among Stretch Mark relief products.

Affecting both men and women, Stretch Marks leave the skin with streak-like marks across the stomach, thighs, hips, and other areas. These marks are caused when the elastin and collagen under the skin are stressed over time, which results in small tears. Most commonly associated with pregnancy, stretch marks can also happen with rapid weight loss or gain, growth spurts, and even weight lifting. Although stretch marks may not ever disappear completely, there are a number of over-the-counter products that can help the discoloration fade, smooth out the ridges of thin skin tissue, and make them less noticeable in general.

“Revitol effectively targets stretch marks by improving the skin’s natural elasticity,” explained Brian Dolezal of, LLC. “This cream uses a powerful combination of ingredients, such as aloe vera, squalene oil, and Vitamins A, D3, and E, which work together to stimulate regeneration of new skin cells and improve elasticity in general. If a customer is unsatisfied with the product for any reason in the first 90 days, he or she can get a full refund for any unopened items. Additionally, shoppers who buy more than one month’s supply at a time can take advantage of significant discounts. Because of its customer-friendly refund policy and excellent pricing, Revitol is our first choice among Stretch Mark products.”

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