Did you know your cell phone has 18 more times bacterial germs than a public restroom? Think about it. How many times do you reach for your cell phone a day? Many of us live and breath by our phones daily to function properly. Smartphones run our lives. Whether our face or fingers are touching the screen, we are spreading cell phone germs.

Harmful bacteria can transfer from objects to our phones, and in turn, transfer to our skin, impacting the spread of germs that cause sickness. So what should we do to help stop the spread of cell phone germs?

1- Be Careful Where You Place Your Phone – If you are in a public restroom, put your phone away. Do not place it on the counter, back of toilet, or toilet paper roll holder. Did you know that germs can spray out of the toilet when flushing? Keep your phone out of the bathroom, or in a pocket or purse to protect it.

2- Wash Your Hands Often – We are not trying to play mom here, however washing your hands before and after eating is always a good idea. Other opportune times to wash your hands – after you have been in the restroom, touched a pet, used a computer. Germs can spread from your your fingers to your keyboard, and ultimately back to your phone. Keep it all clean! If you can’t wash your hands, use a non-toxic hand sanitizer

3- Clean Your Phone – Wipe your phone down at least once a day. Keep it clean. Fingerprints are inevitable on the glass screen, but it can potentially save some germs from spreading if you wipe it down daily.

4- Use a Cell Phone Case – A case can prevent dirt, dust, and germs from getting on the surface of the phone. It does not eliminate germs, however can act as a protective layer. Keep in mind, the case needs to be cleaned regularly as well.

5- Wipe It Down After Kids Use It – We all know kids are great germ carriers, and in this day and age many kids know more about smartphones than adults. If you have children touching your phone, clean it before you use it after they have played on it.

6- Keep Away From the Kitchen – You would not really think about it, however when you are preparing meals, bacteria from meats have the potential to contaminate your phone without you even knowing it. Keep your phones away from any food preparation areas. And wash your hands before reaching for your cell phone after food prep.