ŌURA, the world’s first ring-size wellness computer

Sleep. A crucial constant needed for our overall health. Without it, we suffer, both physically and mentally. Investing in the idea that sleep patterns can guide our daily performance is the latest in wearable health technology, ŌURA.

Grouped in the category with fitbit or Apple Watch Health, ŌURA stands alone in design and functionality. Manufactured as a scratch resistant, water-proof ring to monitor and improve daily performance. The mini fitness computer, worn on the finger of your choice, monitors more than just your daily steps. It rates your sleep. Not only in hours, but deep vs. rem and light vs. awake. That information is calculated to provide you an outlook for your upcoming day.

ŌURA takes everything to a new level. Sure, steps and calories are monitored, yet, so is your resting heart rate and body temperature. The ring syncs with an app to give you 24-hour access to your personal results, and could provide insight into your health and wellness through level changes in daily recordings.

The app is categorized into three sections, sleep, activity, and readiness. Last night, my reading was six minutes of restorative sleep. For me, this is not healthy. As a child, my mom used to joke that I was always asleep by 9:00 p.m. and awake no later than 6:00 a.m. If only I could adhere to that schedule as an adult and an avid business traveler. ŌURA even teaches me the importance of moving. Whether I was sitting on an airplane or at my writing desk, if I was sedentary too long, I’d get a friendly reminder to stand up and stretch my legs.

A 90-day test proved to benefit my awareness of my personal health, particularly in realizing the many days I spent too much time in front of my computer. It did not bother me I did not complete the recommended daily movement, it concerned me of how often I allowed myself to not do the physical activity. In addition, I started to value the sleep time my body truly needed to function at its optimal level.

The breakthrough? ŌURA challenged me to review many of my habits and take steps to better my sleeping patterns. One in particular, put down the cell phone. I started recognizing the nights I took my iPhone to bed with me, were nights I did not sleep as well. I would rather have an hour or two of deep sleep, than three minutes of additional iPhone time. It also helped in planning, maintaining, and balancing a healthy workout schedule.

It’s sleek design also makes it something people are proud to wear. ŌURA is a conversation statement, sparking words between yourself and with others. “The idea was created to improve quality of life, so you can be your best self. ŌURA is your assistant to help improve recovery of daily mental and physical activities, giving you valuable access to balance the important things in life,” CEO Petteri Lahtela stated.

Winner of the 2016 CES Innovation Award, the world’s first ring-size wellness computer is making a statement. Sold in 50 countries and being used in many university studies, it is helping to build a mind-body connection for people. Allowing users to become aware of their body, listening to their needs. In a connection economy, the idea is to work smarter, not harder, and ŌURA is a personal connection to functioning at your best self.