Could sleep apnea be affecting your health and wellness?

Sleep. It is a common theme in health and wellness articles in 2017. Everything from innovative technology such as ŌURA Ring (which monitors your sleep, heart rate, body temperature, and activity), to Arianna Huffington’s book: The Sleep Revolution – Transforming Your Life One Night at a Time, and everything in between is highlighting the value of sleep. Recent articles in Forbes, CNN, New York Times, and Thrive Global all recommend getting an adequate amount of sleep, or pose questions as to why you may not be getting enough.

Companies are establishing product stories around encouraging better sleep. Sleep is important and vital to our health. Cardiologists warn of the increased risks of high blood pressure, stroke, or heart attack without proper amounts of sleep, and dentists are helping to diagnose sleep apnea, a disease that goes undiagnosed in 30-70 million Americans each year. Heart specialist Dr. Bill First, “Medically, sleep apnea unquestionably increases your risk of heart disease, notably abnormal heart beats, high blood pressure, stroke, enlarged heart and heart failure.”    

Sleep apnea could be a major culprit stealing our much needed hours of sleep. The disease is not widely discussed, and healthy people can have it without knowing. Secretary of the Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontics and Board Certified Prosthodontist Dr. Robert Rawdin,

“Sleep apnea is a problem. An epidemic really. So many people have not been treated and don’t know they need to be. Sleep is a vital part of life, and there needs to be more awareness about sleep apnea.”

How do you know if you are one of the millions left untreated or in the dark about sleep apnea? Take Dr. Rawdin’s questionnaire and speak with your dentist and/or doctor.

  1. Do you snore or have you been told by someone you snore?
  2. Has anyone ever noticed that you quit breathing during your sleep?
  3. Do you ever awaken with a sensation of gasping or choking?
  4. Do you often feel tired or fatigued immediately after getting up from sleep?
  5. During your waking time, do you often feel tired, fatigued or not up to par?
  6. Have you, in the past 6 months, nodded off or fallen asleep in situations where you did not intend to?
  7. Do you have (or are being treated for) high blood pressure?
  8. Do you have (or are you being treated for) Diabetes?


Wellness starts with sleep. The New York Times dubs sleep the status symbol, and Thrive Global calls it the new sexy, or the new forty. Are you getting enough? If you are not, it is time to start.

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