Understanding the World’s Largest AutoImmune Disease, Psoriasis, and a Newly Developed Treatment.

Psoriasis, an autoimmune disease affecting the skin, presents itself in a variety of forms, causing raised, red, scaly patches to appear on the skin. Genetics and the immune system play a large role in the development of the condition, which scientists have not discovered the root of its cause.

There are five types of psoriaris.

  • PLAQUE– Typically found on the scalp, knees, elbows and lower back in the form of raised, red patches covered with cracked white dead skin cells. This form is painful and itchy and can easily crack and bleed.
  • GUTTATE– This form can be found anywhere on the body and appear similar to chicken pox, small red dot-like lesions.
  • INVERSE– Found in skin creases such as the eye of the elbow, groin, behind the knee, or under the arm as a smooth red almost large birthmark-like appearance.
  • PUSTULAR– Most often occurring on the hands or feet, this form presents as white non-infectious blisters surrounded by red skin.
  • ERYTHRODERMIC– A severe form of psoriasis which leads to redness spread over the entire body, causing severe itching and skin shedding.

The condition speeds up the life cycle of the skin, causing disarray to the skin’s natural microbiome. Those suffering from psoriasis can see a flare up at any moment, especially with stress, weather change, infection, medication, heart disease, smoking, sunburn, diet changes, and more.

Treating it can vary by patient. Dermatologists use a variety of drugs, oral treatments, topical creams, foams, and steroids, as well as other alternative and complementary medicine to combat the skin condition.  A new treatment system, Prosoria, received a Seal of Recognition by National Psoriasis Foundation in 2018. The NPF states on its website that the Seal of Recognition “highlights over-the-counter products that are proven to safely and effectively manage the symptoms of psoriasis. Independently reviewed by a panel of dermatology medical experts and people with psoriasis, the Seal of Recognition identifies tested and trusted products that help people with psoriasis ease their symptoms of dry, itchy, flaky skin.”

Prosoria is a combination of clinical strength and natural pro-botanical ingredients that help relieve psoriasis symptoms while softening and restoring the appearance of skin, Art Clapp, CEO of Nuvothera (Maker of Prosoria) explained. “The products were formulated to feel light and silky. They are steroid free, fragrance feel, and paraben free, and they are safe and gentle to use every day.”

Prosoria will be available in Mid-January without a prescription on amazon.com and at Psoria.com.

This new drug could be a game changer for the 125 million suffering worldwide, and 8 million+ in the U.S.

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*News Source About Prosoria – PRWeb