Resolutions Are Not The Only Thing We Need To Be Worried About

No, it is not raining flu, but the season is approaching it’s peak time. While many begin vaccinating for influenza in October, its worst outbreak is typically in the brisk, cold winter months. The airborne virus is not a circumstance of the falling rain or snow but spread through the air.

How can you stay healthy this January?

Sleep is Self-care.

Allow your body to rest. Too often we look at the new year as the time to physically and mentally exert ourselves more than previous months. Resolutions and goals kick-in and we can go into overdrive mode, and increase our chances of catching the flu bug or something else.

When your body feels worn down, choose rest before wearing it down with your new gym pass. Sleep is often the best medicine.

Wash Your Hands.

The icky, bad-for-you germs are everywhere. Keep them at bay with keeping your hands clean. There are so many times we are picking up these nasty bugs, consider washing especially after exchanging money, practicing yoga or using gym equipment, blowing your nose, assisting a sniffly-nosed child. There are so many more places you can pick up influenza, but you get the idea.

Sip Hot Tea.

Rest plus fluids can go a long way. Some swear by Thera-flu. Some use hot toddy’s, and others stick to basic hot tea with lemon and honey. Whatever you prefer, keeping your body hydrated is essential. The achy body that is associated with the flu can deter you from feeling hungry or desiring anything, but try to at least sip on some tea to keep your body happy.

Sleep Germ-Free.

Recent media in USA Today suggests taking a shower before sleeping. The idea is this is better for your microbiome, as you will crawl into bed clean and not allow bad germs to get into your sheets. It sounds like an interesting thought. Keep the good bacteria, stop the bad. There are also bedsheets out there that have antimicrobial properties to stop the bad ones in their tracks. 

Stress Less.

The less stress you are in, the better. Give your body the breather it needs from the hectic day-to-day. Eat healthier foods, keep your contact environment surfaces clean, and allow your body and mind time for both physical activity and rest.