Disorder of the Nerves and What It Means For Your Muscles

Have you ever had a sudden pain running down your leg, almost feeling like a charlie horse, tightness, cramping, shooting, or numbness, but it wasn’t? You know, that indescribable pain that makes you gasp for air, hit the ground, or want to scream? You may have neuropathy, disorder of the nerves, causing muscle cramps or spasms. Now, these muscle triggers can be caused by a variety of factors, yet there is a culprit we should all be weary of, diabetes. It is estimated that neuropathy affects sixty to seventy of all diabetic patients. Blood sugar levels can play an extreme role in muscle spasms. With over 20 million Americans (medical professionals believe that number is 3-4 times higher) having neuropathy from trauma, immune deficiencies, systemic disease such as diabetes, alcoholism and more, it is not something we can ignore.

The tricky part, most don’t know diabetes is often the underlying cause. With more than 30 million adults having diabetes, according to Diabetes.org, 7 million of those do not know they have it. Considering the math of 70% of 7 million people, there are 4,900,000 people having muscle spasms daily that could be related to diabetes.  

Who knew these muscle spasms caused by nerve damage associated with this disease could wreak so much havoc on society.

Signs to watch for?

We asked Dr. Nick Romansky, our resident Podiatrist from Healthmark Foot and Ankle in Philadelphia, PA, about symptoms associated with diabetic neuropathy. “When do you notice your nerve pain,” is the first question he asks his patients. “Neuropathy is often associated with a variety of pain in the legs at night.”

Nerve pain leading to muscle spasms can be different to everyone. Some may experience symptoms such as tingling sensations, sharp – stabbing pain, and/or numbness. The most important thing is to recognize the symptom and find its underlying cause. Neuropathy can be the first sign of diabetes for many.

At Home Remedies For Muscle Cramps & Spasms Associated With Neuropathic Pain

Diet – Consuming proper nutrition

Regular Exercise

Over The Counter Cramping Relief  – Dr. Romansky recommends Theraworx Relief, which can be found at retailers such as CVS, and online.  “You can use Theraworx Relief proactively for prevention and treatment,”  he suggests. He recommends to his patients consistently using it 3-5 times a day, using it both on the foot and leg, and making sure to rub it in well.

Can Nerve Damage Be Reversed and Muscle Cramps Spasms Stopped?

Nerve damage may be able to be slowed down, however not reversed. Muscle spasms can be slowed down, however it all varies by person.