German-Manufactured Cosmetic System, MIRApeel™, Integrates Non-Invasive Micro Needling and Novel 3D Skin Desquamation Technology; Brings New Efficacy and Safety Benefits to Aesthetics Market

eMIRAmed USA ( announced today it will demonstrate the distinctive design and performance benefits of the MIRApeel™ Transdermal Delivery System at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology, held February 16-20 in San Diego, California (

Developed by aesthetics equipment manufacturer MIRAmedtech UG, MIRApeel™ provides dermatologists with an integrated cosmetic enhancement system that delivers serums through state-of-the-art micro needling and desquamating attachments.

“Consumer demand for rejuvenation services that improve skin texture and tone and diminish imperfections continues to spike,” noted Serge Castro, eMIRAmed USA CEO. “MIRApeel™ will let practitioners deliver these popular services with better control and better outcomes than traditional options, in less time and with faster monetization and return on their investment.”

The MIRApeel™ System distributed by eMIRAmed USA consists of MIRAroller™, a non-invasive micro needling attachment; MIRAbrasor™, a 3D desquamating attachment with Fractional Transbrasion™ technology; and MIRAjolie™, a range of highly-efficacious serums that moisturize, exfoliate, detox, and nourish skin.

The MIRAroller™ tip features tightly-positioned microprotrusions which lightly abrade the skin surface. It offers a high degree of control. Because MIRAroller™ operation is vacuum-assisted, it enables more serum to be suffused with each pass. The novel MIRAbrasor™ attachment features a malleable top that permits its attached head to glide over skin with optimum dexterity, producing abraded skin that appears silky smooth. Both MIRApeel™ attachments are designed to support face or neck and body procedures.

“Innovation has been a hallmark of the MIRAmedtech brand for forty years,” said Castro, “and that trait is fully present in the new MIRApeel™ System.”

Collaboration with Bel Mondo Beauty at AAD 2018

Demonstrations of the MIRApeel™ System at eMIRAmed’s booth (1359) will include treatment masks developed by Bel Mondo Beauty ( Bel Mondo specializes in mask fabrics made exclusively from bio cellulose, an advanced fabric with therapeutic properties and a trusted safety profile.

Bel Mondo’s Calming Mask and Hydrating Mask are popular add-ons following a variety of resurfacing services offered by medical aestheticians and dermatologists; bio cellulose fabrics excel at replenishing moisture, alleviating redness, and accelerating healing.

“We are honored to collaborate with an innovative manufacturer like MIRAmedtech and have the complementary value of our premium mask line showcased at AAD,” stated Bel Mondo President Lou Martelli.

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MIRA is a German brand of MIRAmedtech UG, which manufactures, markets and sells the MIRA products directly or through distribution partners worldwide.

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Bel Mondo Beauty develops and markets premium-grade treatment masks, made exclusively from bio cellulose fabrics. Our distinctive line of products is sold through spas and medical spas and select retail channels. Visit for more information, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.