The Florida Hospital Experiment Trending Yes To Essential Oils

Do essential oils really help medical patients? Cape Coral Hospital has launched an experiment to find out. Many have used essential oils as a home remedy for decades, and companies such as doTERRA and Young Living are worldwide suppliers of these products.

The doctors at the Southwest Florida hospital have launched an experiment with 80 patients to understand the science behind the oils. Testing the effects the oils have on their stroke and pain patients

Elizabeth Robinson, the Orthopedics Nursing Director, was quoted on the local news station ABC-7, “This is something that your grandmother or great grandmother would have incorporated in your home care.

Now other hospitals and physicians are inquiring what role the oils can play in science. For instance, Erwin Benedict Valencia, Director of Training and Conditioning at the New York Knicks has been incorporating oils into his treatments for almost a year. He believes in using the five senses to gain maximum results to help his athletes function at their best, and is a big fan of the oils.

Cape Coral Hospital has seen immediate effects on their patients as part of this study. “This is one of the research studies that we reviewed,” Tammy Booth, a nurse said. “The antioxidant effect of lavender helps reduce brain injury by increasing blood flow.”

Wellness appears to be the name of the game when it comes to essential oils. Used by many at home for mood enhancers, skin care, positive vibes, home scents, spiritual awareness, dietary supplements and more. The oils are not the new kid on the block, however are making their way into clinical settings.

With 100 percent positive feedback on the essential oils test, Cape Coral Hospital plans to introduce the oils to more areas of care. Not only will pain and stroke patients receive treatment with the oils, doctors will be testing in areas such as major skin infections.

Essential Oils Life Hack:

Get a good night’s sleep. Many use chamomile or lavender (or a combination of both) to help with insomnia, stress, or tension. Try using lavender on your pillows at night to help with a good night’s sleep.