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Preparing For Flu Season

Resolutions Are Not The Only Thing We Need To Be Worried About No, it is not raining flu, but the season is approaching it’s peak time. While many begin vaccinating for influenza in October, its worst outbreak is typically in the brisk, cold winter months. The airborne virus is not a circumstance of the falling

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3 Steps To Beautiful Winter Skin

Skincare while heading down the slopes is more important than you know. ’Tis the season of fresh powder calling you to the slopes to ski or snowboard. While the thrill of the downhill rush has us begging for a WinterWonderland, this season can wreak havoc on your winter skin. As the snow transports us to

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4 Signs You Had Too Much To Drink At Your Holiday Party

Your skin is a tell-all about excessive alcohol consumption It’s the holiday season and parties and gatherings are upon us. With so many invites, it is easy to overindulge in food, wine, and adult beverages. While champagne glass clinks are in store, it is always a good reminder to familiarize yourself with the signs of

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Re-inventing Behavioral Health With Virtual Reality

Meet the Cutting Edge Technology Taking On Mental Health, Chronic Pain, and Addiction Could virtual reality reinvent the way we treat mental illness? Is it possible to rewire our brains and build more adaptive cognitive responses to the daily stressors that bring about anxiety, depression, and unhealthy coping behaviors? Aaron Gani, Humana’s former Chief Technology

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3 Surprising Things Making You Sick In Your Hospital Room

Lurking Hospital Germs Causing Harm And More Illness. Most don’t raise their hand and volunteer to go to the hospital to spend time lying in a bed. Inevitably, illness and accidents happen and we end up needing treatment, surgery, or looking for a diagnosis. While doctors, nurses, and medical staff save lives, hospitals are filled

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4 Surprising Things That Could Be Causing Your Mysterious Rash

Exposing Rash Culprits? Have you ever awaken from sleep with a terrible itch on your arms or legs? Perhaps out of the blue you started noticing increased redness and blotchy spots on your skin, followed by an uncomfortable itch. You are not alone. Skin rashes, also known as contact dermatitis, are common, but these rash-causing

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Your Human Space Suit

Why Your Skin Is a Vital Part Of Your Health “You can’t walk on planet earth without your terrestrial space suit,” stated Dr. Peter Elias, an authority when it comes to the skin and its outermost layer the stratum corneum. What does that mean? Your skin acts as a human space suit, protecting your body

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Forget The Doctor, There Is An App For That

Exploring 8 Futuristic Medical Technologies Available Now Costs of healthcare are rising and wait times to get into specialists are getting longer. At the same time, science and technology is getting smarter and widely more accepted and available. With continued research and technological advances, we know more about the body and its function than ever

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