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4 Signs You Had Too Much To Drink At Your Holiday Party

Your skin is a tell-all about excessive alcohol consumption It’s the holiday season and parties and gatherings are upon us. With so many invites, it is easy to overindulge in food, wine, and adult beverages. While champagne glass clinks are in store, it is always a good reminder to familiarize yourself with the signs of

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Feed Your Skin: Key Foods for Eating Your Way to a Better Complexion

Skin is often referred to as our body's largest organ, so it only makes sense we take good care of it.  Contrary to how it may seem, soaps and cleansers aren’t necessarily the best method of skin care.  As it turns out, good nutrition can make a world of difference in keeping your skin healthy

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5 Health Warnings Your ToeNails May Be Giving

It’s summer, and the rising temperatures have many of us reaching for our flip flops or sandals. The desire for manicures and pedicures surge during this time of year to keep nails looking in tip-top shape, and a time many actually pay attention to how their toenails look. We sat down with our resident Podiatrist,

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Another Thing To Blame Your Parents For: Wrinkles

How to Nourish Aging Skin and Wrinkles Did you know that at the age of 20, your skin starts producing 1% less collagen each year? Aging is inevitable. Of course, there are medical spas, stem cell treatments, and plastic surgeries that many seek to alter the appearance of aging skin, even turning to botox. While

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Male Health and Beauty Market On Trend

According to the latest press release from Kline, a global consulting and research firm, health and beauty products are no longer female dominated. Male health and beauty is on the rise and many are adopting skincare and beauty products at a rapid pace. Both Covergirl and Maybelline have debuted their first male ambassadors for their

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Cancer And Your Skin

What You Need To Know To Protect Your Skin From Cancer or Treatment. One of the most common complaints among cancer patients is damaged skin. With radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and other cancer treatments, side effects that affect the skin are the most worrisome. When someone is experiencing cancer of any type, the immune system is

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Want Healthier Skin, Try Aloe

6 reasons aloe is great for your skin. Aloe is commonly used for sunburns. The aloe vera cactus plant has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes to soothe skin and heal wounds. The clear gel inside the plant is a staple for beach goers, however more companies are integrating aloe into their products for

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Stretch Mark Product Soars to a Top Rating from

Revitol, a leading product to help with the effects of Stretch Marks, receives the highest rating available from recently gave their top rating to Revitol, a leader among Stretch Mark relief products. Affecting both men and women, Stretch Marks leave the skin with streak-like marks across the stomach, thighs, hips, and other areas.

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Do Essential Oils Play A Role In Hospital Patient Recovery?

The Florida Hospital Experiment Trending Yes To Essential Oils Do essential oils really help medical patients? Cape Coral Hospital has launched an experiment to find out. Many have used essential oils as a home remedy for decades, and companies such as doTERRA and Young Living are worldwide suppliers of these products. The doctors at the

5 Reasons Water Is Vital To Your Health

Healthy Water Consumption Aids Beauty and Body Function Did you know when your body feels thirsty, you have already reached the point of dehydration? No wonder we see co-workers, fellow gym buddies, classmates, friends and more carrying around water bottle all day long. Your body is composed of approximately 60% of water, making hydration vital

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