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The New Path To Wellness : Sleep

Could sleep apnea be affecting your health and wellness? Sleep. It is a common theme in health and wellness articles in 2017. Everything from innovative technology such as ŌURA Ring (which monitors your sleep, heart rate, body temperature, and activity), to Arianna Huffington’s book: The Sleep Revolution - Transforming Your Life One Night at a

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If Gut Bacteria Is Vital To Our Health, How Important Is Healthy Flora On The Skin?

Understanding The Body's Largest Organ: The Skin Have you ever been told to eat yogurt to help maintain the healthy flora of your gut? You are not alone. For over a decade now, doctors have been telling patients to eat yogurt to help keep their stomach health in check. The enzymes help maintain healthy bacteria

STOP Cell Phone Germs Before They Harm Your Skin

Did you know your cell phone has 18 more times bacterial germs than a public restroom? Think about it. How many times do you reach for your cell phone a day? Many of us live and breath by our phones daily to function properly. Smartphones run our lives. Whether our face or fingers are touching

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Want Healthier Skin, Try Aloe

6 reasons aloe is great for your skin. Aloe is commonly used for sunburns. The aloe vera cactus plant has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes to soothe skin and heal wounds. The clear gel inside the plant is a staple for beach goers, however more companies are integrating aloe into their products for

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Meet The Smart Device Challenging Your Sleep & Wellness Connection

ŌURA, the world’s first ring-size wellness computer Sleep. A crucial constant needed for our overall health. Without it, we suffer, both physically and mentally. Investing in the idea that sleep patterns can guide our daily performance is the latest in wearable health technology, ŌURA. Grouped in the category with fitbit or Apple Watch Health, ŌURA

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Do Essential Oils Play A Role In Hospital Patient Recovery?

The Florida Hospital Experiment Trending Yes To Essential Oils Do essential oils really help medical patients? Cape Coral Hospital has launched an experiment to find out. Many have used essential oils as a home remedy for decades, and companies such as doTERRA and Young Living are worldwide suppliers of these products. The doctors at the

The Ugly Truth About UTI’s

Urinary Tract Infections, referred to as UTI’s, are a common. More than 8 million doctor visits are recorded annually to treat the infection. Most UTI’s are caused by Escherichia coli (E. coli), which typically live in the bowel. The painful burning sensation during urination is a telltale sign that you may have a UTI. Other

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Are Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers Harming Your Health?

Do you use hand sanitizer? Many moms carry small, portable bottles in their purses. It is often seen being removed from a carry-on bag on an airplane (pre and post flight), and at the entrance of most hospital rooms. We have been trained that hand sanitizers are good for our skin to fight harmful bacteria.

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