When your alarm clock goes off in the morning, what is the your normal routine? Do you reach for your coffee mug? Perhaps you jump in the shower? Or do you head to the gym? Many successful entrepreneurs swear by a morning exercise routine to get their brain working and body ready for the day. You don’t have to make it to a workout, however your body can benefit by stretching before you start your day.

  1. Increased Blood Flow – Stretching in the morning is like caffeine to your body and brain. After hours of sleep, a few stretches can provide a jumpstart to your senses by increasing your blood flow. This increases concentration and sharpens your mind first thing in the morning.
  2. Fights Fatigue – Some days it can be tough to find the energy to make it through a long day. Morning stretches, such as a half sun salutation or warrior II pose, can awaken the body upon rising and provide energy.
  3. Reduce Lower Back Pain – For those of us with office jobs, the muscles surrounding our lower backs can become compressed from sitting at the desk to much, causing lower back pain. Stretching the lower back can help fix this issue, and provide aid to those that suffer with low back issues.
  4. Reduce Stress – Morning stretches helps reduce the stress caused by both psychological and physiological factors. Stress is tension. Tight muscles indicate a build up of tension in your body, so the best form of relief is stretching.
  5. Increase Range of Motion – Your body’s range of motion is important to your daily activity. Whether you are getting in and out of a car or lifting weights at the gym, the better your range of motion is, the better your body can function optimally. AM stretches can expand your range of motion over time, benefiting your body greatly in its daily performance.

Need ideas for your morning stretching routine?

Neck Stretch

Standing Side Stretch

Forward Bend or Yoga Half Sun Salutation

Outer Hip Stretch

Seated Spinal Twist

Upper and Lower Back Stretch