Your skin is a tell-all about excessive alcohol consumption

It’s the holiday season and parties and gatherings are upon us. With so many invites, it is easy to overindulge in food, wine, and adult beverages. While champagne glass clinks are in store, it is always a good reminder to familiarize yourself with the signs of too much alcohol consumption. The symptoms you need to know about over drinking and keeping your skin looking healthy during holidays.


Do you have a mysterious rash the morning after a party? It could be an allergic reaction to alcohol. Facial redness and rosacea are most likely to occur in people who are having an allergic reaction to alcoholic beverages, however, in some cases, red, itchy, and bumpy patches can appear the following day.

Alcohol opens the blood vessels, which means more blood flow. After a few too many your face can appear as though you are blushing due to the enhanced dilation. In some cases, veins can over-dilate and burst, causing spider veins on your face. While this is rare, if you have rosacea, you may think twice about reaching for another drink. Patients have reported alcohol consumption as the number one trigger to their rosacea.

Oily Skin

Have you ever woken up after a night of a few drinks and thought to yourself, “wow my skin is oily.” Well, there is a reason behind that. Alcohol and mixed drinks are often filled with sugar. Sugar has been linked to triggering an increase of production of one of our bodies natural hormones, Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 (IGF1). This trigger cause over-production of oil in your skin. Too many sugary, alcoholic drinks can even be seen in greasy looking hair the following day, something even dry shampoo may not be able to cover up. Oily skin can also lead to unwanted breakouts.

How can you help combat excessive oil production while drinking? Drink a glass of water to every alcoholic beverage, and eat while you drink. Eat wisely of course. The key is to limit your sugar intake.

Eye Puffiness

Now we are not speaking of bloodshot eyes, but the appearance of bags and puffiness underneath your eyes. Part of this is a result of dehydration. The other can be attributed to salt intake. If you are into margaritas, this is something to watch out for. Various mixed drinks have large amounts of salt, which can manifest itself as inflammation, bloating, and that dreaded under-eye puffiness.

Best way to get rid of the appearance of eye puffiness? Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate. Reducing the size and flow of the blood vessels will help reduce the occurrence and get your back on track to looking and feeling your best.

Joint Pain

While this is not necessarily a skin issue, that extra glass of wine could be the culprit for the next day’s knee pain. Consuming alcohol can increase the intensity of existing joint pain one may be experiencing. If you are currently experiencing any type of joint pain, it is wise to cut back on alcohol consumption.

Tips for healthy looking skin post-holiday party alcohol consumption?

  • Water is your best friend.
  • Have an excellent solid skincare routine.
  • Exfoliate. One of the best things you can do for oily skin is exfoliating. A favorite is Lexli AloeGlyC®
  • Eat Healthily. Reduce your intake of sugars and salts.