Stay Heart Healthy and Prevent Muscle Cramps At Work

Is it just us, or does life seem to get busier each year? Perhaps it is because we are growing older, or maybe it is because their is more demand than ever for our attention. And this is no different in the workplace. More tasks are required in less time and often with less resources. The daily grind can get overwhelming and quickly lose the excitement we once had for the job. How can we focus on our overall health and wellness at work to help lessen the stress level and improve ourselves? Practice the 20/20/20 Rule.

What is that you ask? It is a rule to keep you balanced throughout the day.

Every 20 minutes, you need a slight change of pace. Here is the 20/20/20 recommendation from Dr. Nick Romansky, practicing podiatrist at Healthmark Foot and Ankle Associates in Philadelphia.

Every 20 Minutes – Stand Up.

Every 20 Minutes – Walk 20 Yards.

Every 20 Minutes – Look 20 Feet Ahead.

This sounds easy, but could you commit to it?

Let’s take a look at the benefits.

Stand Up 

Walk 20 Yards 

    • Good For Your Heart
    • Keep Active
    • Keep Your Back From Tightening Up

Look 20 Yards

  • Exercise For Your Eyes
  • Strengthen Your Vision
  • Reduce Screen Time and Eye Strain

Incorporating the 20/20/20 Rule into your daily routine may not only improve your health, it could inspire more productivity or creativity. Stepping away from your desk or work space can actually do good. Think of it this way – forcing work can lessen the quality. Stand up, walk and get some water or tea, and when you get back you may just find that was the spark you needed to start or finish a project.