43 Receive Recognition for Innovation and Dedication In Skin and Muscle Health and Wellness

SAMNewslink.com (SAM) announced today, the recipients of the 2018 Awards for Excellence in Skin and Muscle Health. Those awarded have proven innovation in their respective fields. “It is an honor to award those who have surpassed dedication, determination, and distinction in health and wellness,“ expressed SAM Editor, Mandy Murry. “Congratulations to all of our 2018 winners. It has incredible to get to know your work and share it.”

A total of 43 awardees complete this year’s fifteen categories, including skin care, mental health, microbiome, oncology, and muscle health. As health care continues to shift towards more preventative measures, the work of SAM award recipients is more vital than ever. Aaron Gani, CEO of BehaVR, who placed first in SAM’s mental health category stated, “Behavioral health is such an important part of overall well-being, and we are delighted to be recognized for our work helping patients overcome chronic pain and improve stress resilience.”

Leading edge researchers, doctors, and companies are understanding more about our microbiome than ever before. With skin playing a vital role in our health, both education and products such as Mother Dirt and Lexli are needed to help protect and revitalize. “It is a great privilege to have two Lexli products honored with a SAM Award,” said Dr. Ahmed Abdullah, founder, and president of Lexli Skin Care. “We truly believe that our products’ combination of a pure aloe vera base with advanced active ingredients of the highest quality represents a game changer in the skin care industry. Recognition with a SAM Award only solidifies this fact.”

SAM thanks and honors all who are committed to better skin and muscle health today and in the future.
Congratulations to the 2018 SAMnewslink.com Excellence in Skin and Muscle Health Award Recipients.

1st Place – Lexli Acne Kit
2nd Place – Safe Haven Linens
3rd Place – Devon Demyanovich with Duke University Wrestling

Infection Prevention:
1st Place – César de la Fuente, Ph.D., and Timothy K. Lu, MD, Ph.D. – MIT
2nd Place – Human Cell Atlas – Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

1st Place – Margie Mjellin – St. Jude Research Hospital
2nd Place – Dr. Gary Darmstadt – Stanford
3rd Place – UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

1st Place AppliedVR – CEO Mathew Stoudt
2nd Place – Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management Department, North Carolina State University
3rd Place – Thrive Global – Arianna Huffington

1st Place – Mother Dirt Mist
2nd Place – Lexli Sunscreen Spray
3rd Place – Protalus Insoles

1st Place – Theraoptix – Harvard Medical School Researchers
2nd Place – Sawswait Chatterjee, Ph.D. – City of Hope
3rd Place – 3D Skin Printer – University of Toronto

1st Place – AOBiome
2nd Place – Dr. Peter M. Elias and Dr. Mary L. Williams
3rd Place – Viome

Mental Health:
1st Place – BehaVR
2nd Place – Intermountain Healthcare

1st Place – Genesis Healthcare
2nd Place – AliveCor – EKG app
3rd Place – Aspire Health

1st Place – HoloLens Goggles – Microsoft and
Andrew Cutler MD & Shervin Rahimpour MD, Duke University Department of Neurosurgery
2nd Place – Hugh Herr, César de la Fuente, Ph.D. and Timothy K. Lu, MD, Ph.D. – MIT
3rd Place – TransMedics Organ Care System (OCS) – The University of Minnesota

Women’s Health:
1st Place – EVOFEM Biosciences
2nd Place – HPV Vaccine – Merck
3rd Place – Predictive Biotech – Endometriosis Screening

1st Place – Terence Rhodes, MD, Ph.D. – Intermountain Precision Genomics
2nd Place – HABIT
3rd Place – Shield Biotech

Excellence in Nursing:
1st Place – Laurie Wiegref LVN, CWS, WCC, SWOC, Windsor Care Consultant Windsor Healthcare, Los Angeles, CA
2nd Place – Agnes Unciano RN, Infection Control Manager, The Plaza Rehab and Nursing Center, Bronx, NY
3rd Place – Alicia Taylor RN, BSN, Marquette Manor, Indianapolis, IN

1st Place – Dr. Renier Brentjens – Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
2nd Place – Deanna Kepka, Ph.D. – Intermountain West HPV Coalition & Huntsman Cancer Institute
3rd Place – Stanford University School of Medicine – Magnetic Wire to Detect Cancer

Muscle Health:
1st Place – Dr. Mike Stone – Eastern Tennessee State University
2nd Place – Avadim Health – Theraworx Relief
3rd Place – Boo Schexnayder – Sacspeed.com

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